Schmicks and Plopsydoe


March 21, 2011 by k. liz

I used this activity when I was teaching guessing words in context. Leading up to the activity I did a series of smaller questions getting the students to use the same logic. For example, I drew a basketball, a football, and a tennis ball on the board. I then drew a box with a question mark and asked the students if a car could go in the box. They told me no, so I asked if a shoe could go in the box. Again, they replied no. So, I asked them what could go in the box. This ended with many answers, “Well, teacher, a ping-pong ball, a baseball, a volleyball, a soccer ball . . .” Exactly! Context does not give you the exact meaning, but one clear enough to let you keep reading with a sufficient understanding. Next, I moved on to sentences. For example, I wrote “My job is a ________.” On the board. That was easy to fill in. Next, you could write something like, “My favorite food is _______.” Can it be coffee? No, of course not! After leading the students down this path of using logic to fill in the blank, I gave them the following story. It was their job to read it and decide what the underlined words could be.

Feel free to copy and paste this activity, I only ask that you let me know if you use it! Hope it helps!!

My Hurt Schmick

Yesterday I was playing gazubel with my arivars. We were kicking the ball and laughing, but then I hurt my schmick. I must have kicked the ball too hard, because my toe started bleeding. I tried not to stwawl, but it hurt very badly. My arivars stopped playing and came to help me. They saw the blood and one of them went to find a vringer. When the vringer came, he said that I would have to go to the hospital. I did not want to go to the hospital, but I have to listen to the vringer, so I went. When I got there, they took my shoe off my schmick. It was still bleeding, so they put a bandage on it. Then, another vringer came in the room and told me that I could not play gazubel for 3 weeks! I was very sad, but my arivars came to my house to help me feel better. When my arivars came over, I had my schmick up on a pillow and ice on it. My arivars are very good, and they brought a DVD and some plopsydoe. I ate a little vanilla and chocolate plopsydoe even though I was very cold from having ice on my schmick. Today, I am resting and keeping my schmick up in the air. It still hurts, but the vringer said it will hurt for a few days. I hope it gets better soon, because I will miss playing gazubel with my arivars.


2 thoughts on “Schmicks and Plopsydoe

  1. I love this activity! It is a wonderful way to encourage learners to use their background knowledge. I would love to use it and will let you know when I do and how things went in the classroom. Thank you for sharing it!

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