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March 22, 2011 by k. liz

So, I was teaching collocations today, not in depth, but pointing out to my students that there are words that always go together that they need to know. We were just going through a list of verbs and I was having them give me the word that goes with them. For example, “belong . . . to,” “compete . . . with or for,” etc. This also was a good time to review some verbs we had learned recently. One such word was “apply.” We just studied this maybe 2 weeks ago, with the meaning of trying to get a job or get into a school. However, today when I asked “What does apply mean?” I received the response,

Oh, when you change your options on the computer, you have to click “apply.”

Head on board. Yes, yes, that is what apply means. And thank you Apple for taking over my job.


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