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March 22, 2011 by k. liz

I found this wonderful speaking activity over at the BBC website. This will work well if you are doing any type of financial vocabulary or business English as some of the key vocabulary words are interest, invest, manage, insurance, etc.

I then created a keynote presentation in order to complete this activity as a whole group. I did simplify the language a little bit for my class, and I changed the euros to dollars (I know, sorry, I’m American.) I also suggest having a few measurable goals for this – such as using opinion language like “I think . . . ” and “I disagree because . . .” You can also assign a student to be the representative and they have to collect the votes from their fellow students. Also, be sure to let the students know that their decisions will lead them to a final conclusion – some of which are happy, some are disappointing.

Again, all credit for the material goes to BBC. I just wanted to facilitate using it in the classroom!

p.s. just leave a comment if you’d like this converted for powerpoint!!


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