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March 24, 2011 by k. liz

What is it? Storify – a site for creating stories composed of tweets, fb posts, google stories, flickr photos, and youtube videos (one note – you have to request an invite to sign up)
What I use it for: speaking preparation; giving substance to speak about
How long does it take?: depending on your story, you should be able to create a usable story in about 15 minutes – all of the information is already prepared, you just have to select and place it
My rating:  ******* 7/10


So, my husband suggested that I do a series on Technology I use in the classroom. I’m still working my way through finding things that work effectively in my classroom with my students, but I have found several sites that I really enjoy. At our University, all students are given a laptop when they register, so I know that the students have the resources, they just aren’t always motivated to use them for learning! These posts will not all include ways for students to use technology, and actually, this post is not about using technology IN the classroom, but rather before I get to the classroom.

Last week after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I decided my speaking class would benefit from talking about these events and trying to brainstorm ways they could help. I prepared them for discussion by putting them in groups of three, and then handing them one of three different pages I had compiled with Storify. Storify takes different pictures from flickr, news stories from google, posts from Facebook, and tweets from Twitter and compiles them into one fluid story. My favorite part of this resource is that you also have the option of adding in text. I used this option to add discussion questions. My students had headlines, short sentences, and brief definitions to scan before answering several questions about their topic. I felt that this was useful in giving them a good amount of information in a manageable chunk of language. Also, being able to add pictures goes a long way for giving them a visual.

Click here to see my story on Japan.


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