April 3, 2011 by k. liz

So, we just finished our third term. The students have finals this coming week. Friday was fun, though almost useless as far as lessons go. That being said, I’ve enjoyed a nice weekend, not thinking about lessons this week, but spending some time reading, working on a video project, and relaxing with my husband.

I’ve finished two books this weekend (because I’ve been half way through five for a few weeks!) If you’re interested, go on over and check out my reading list for 2011. All of the books I’ve read are linked to their amazon pages.

I don’t have any new ideas for this post, since I’m currently breaking from planning, but I wanted to know: what are your “in between terms” habits? I usually try to come up with lots of ideas for the next term as far as discipline and organization go. I try to think of creative ways to make students accountable, get them to do homework, come to class on time, etc. I also like to clean out everything that has cumulated since the last term. I just wanted to hear your ideas for in between terms, and what you find to be most helpful as you are gearing up for the next stretch of classes. Please leave a comment! I’d love to learn what’s helpful so I can incorporate it as well!!


2 thoughts on “Finished!!

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