Tiki-Toki: #4 of 10 Tech Things

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April 4, 2011 by k. liz

What is it? Tiki-toki Timelines
What do I use it for? Putting a text book reading into a new format. I think it could also effectively be used for discussion topics.
How long does it take? This one is more time intensive. I might have spent up to an hour to make it interesting and interactive for my students.
My rating: **** 4/10 (why? because of limited use, keep reading . . .)

This website is a really cool way to create interactive timelines that will capture the students interests. In my case, I took a story out of the textbook that my students use and I put it into the timeline. We were reading about Alexander Graham Bell, so it worked well to map out the periods of his life on the timeline. I was also able to incorporate pictures and videos that corresponded to the story. The thing that I liked with using this software was that my students did not see a full story all at once, but rather viewed only a paragraph at a time. I entered in some discussion questions, and they were able to just read what they needed to to answer the questions. I often struggle to get my students to actually read in reading class, so I’ve been looking for any ways to make them forget they are reading and rather just enjoy the material. Now, I’ll be honest, this wasn’t like an amazing success, but it was more interesting, and I felt that the students got a little bit more out of it. The only downside was I just projected it on the screen, so the students did not have the material directly in front of them. (However, the story was also in the book, so if all else failed I could have had them pick up their books and continue reading.)

The one downside to this site is that you must pay to use it beyond one use. I made one timeline, and in order to create another, I will have to purchase a membership. Now, it is only $5 to make 5 timelines, but still, I prefer finding free materials. In this post are two screenshots of my timeline. The one below is of a paragraph once you’ve clicked on the event and zoomed in. The above is part of my timeline zoomed out. The graphics are very nice, and it is linked in with flickr, so you can easily search for creative commons pictures to insert into your timeline, as well as youtube videos.



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