What would you do?


April 8, 2011 by k. liz

So, I was talking with a colleague this morning, and his wife teaches at a different school. It was interesting to hear the differences between the two – the one we teach at, and the one his wife teaches at. I wanted to find out . . . which would you choose?

Option #1 – A new school, iMacs given to every student and every teacher, a projector in every room, a white board in every room, students who scored lower on the national test and are rich enough to afford private university, but have little motivation to learn English.

Option #2 – An older school, no computers, no whiteboards in the classrooms, no projectors, students who scored well on the national exam, and are slightly more motivated to learn English.

Where would you choose to go? Leave a comment and let me know! I’m curious!


6 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. David Warr says:

    I’m drawn to the second, but what is much more valuable to me is how much freedom I’d have to “do my own thing”. Would that fit into the second one more as well? It’s a nice question you pose.

    • kylieliz says:

      I’m curious about that myself. Not sure . . . I haven’t actually been to any English classes at the other University. But, I must say . . . it is pulling me as well! I currently teach at Option #1 . . .

  2. T Bestwick says:

    Great post, Kylie. I’d definitely pick Option #2 – though I would miss my whiteboard!

  3. Darren E. says:

    I actually have both within the same school! As much as I love being able to plug in a laptop and play with the technology, my favourite classes are still the ones with the liveliest students. Besides, these days you can work around that stuff… pocket video camera, ipad, there you go!

  4. Nice question Kylie – I’ve actually experienced the two universities you talk of.
    My first sojourn into uni teaching was in Zhuhai, China… a rich college with all the mod cons, but the students really didn’t care much for learning (for most, daddy’s money would keep them content for life). This was actually the worst time in my short career and I actually questioned my future as a teacher.
    Now, I’m literally 200 yards down the road at another uni. Blackboards, chalk, no photocopied materials and dilapidated classrooms… I love it. The students and the freedom given to me by the faculty make teaching worthwhile again.

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