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April 23, 2011 by k. liz

I’ve employed the consequence jar this term. Every time my students are late, using their computer, using their cell phone, don’t have their homework, or don’t have their book, they have to contribute to our party fund for the end of the term. Now, as good of an idea as this is, some of the students are a little too eager to simply “purchase” time on their computer or cell phone, so I usually have to also confiscate the contraband. However, I had an interesting experience on Friday.

My student was using his computer, and not listening to me when I told him to close it, so I demanded the 50 kuruş fee. He informed me that he did not have any money, so I just took his lighter that was on his desk. He was a little bothered by that, but I put it in the money jar and continued with the lesson. After class, he came up and tried to get it back. I told him that when he brought me the money, he could have the lighter back. He started pleading and begging for the lighter back and told me “My girlfriend gave it to me. It’s very important . . .” and so on. I told him that when he brought me the 50 kuruş I would give it back. After two minutes of this argument, a second student walked up, “Hey! That’s my lighter!!”



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