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April 26, 2011 by k. liz

So . . . I decided to try a new kind of post. I realize every week that I’ve gotten bogged down in lessons and planning and living life, that I’m stuck for a post, or don’t have time to write one. So . . . I decided to give you a list of the most exciting, most important, or most prevalent things in my life during the current week. I don’t know . . . we’ll see how it goes! So . . . here’s for this week:

1. Celebrating Easter: my most important holiday! It was a wonderful day.

2. Visiting the Botanical Gardens.

3. Watching The Great Debaters (loved it!) and Unknown (fell asleep!!)

4. Reading Story by Steven James (highly recommended.)

5. Exploring with Prezi.(look for a post on this tomorrow in my 10 Tech Things series!)

6. Scouring the internet for TEFL Jobs  or Sports/History/Administration Jobs!! 

7. Enjoying my sweet students – especially the one that drops by to chat and bring me chocolate!

8. 5:30 am Nuggets NBA Playoff parties!! (yeah Nuggets!!)

9. Drinking holy water from Zam Zam and eating dates from the tree planted by Mohammed.

10. Being secretive because my husband’s birthday is next week!


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