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April 27, 2011 by k. liz

I’ve been on a huge YouTube kick recently . . . for my own enjoyment, not merely educational purposes. So, I decided to try to make this new interest worthwhile for my classes. My goal is to come up with at least one good YouTube lesson to share with you every week. Here you go!

Speaking Lesson
Level: Intermediate
Materials: Scrap paper (if your students are good at listening and following directions) or handouts (if they need more concrete illustrations!) – I’ll explain these momentarily. And the video of course!
Objective: My students speaking midterm is going to cover questions about business and entrepreneurs, hence this lesson introducing them to the topic and hopefully giving them some usable vocabulary and content to incorporate into their speaking.

1. Pre-teach Vocabulary: My next step was to pre-teach the following words:
nuts: crazy (adj.)
 never stopping, always hardworking (adj.)
 to fail; to not work (n.)
always thinking something is good (n.) – i.e. I have no money, and it is okay! 
always thinking good (adj.)
 a never stopping attitude; always hardworking (n.)

2. Brainstorming: I gave my students a handout with the word “ENTREPRENEUR” in the middle, and four categories around it. My categories were “Adjectives,” “Verbs,” “Examples,” and “What does an entrepreneur do?” I then had my students working to write down any adjectives, verbs, examples or sentences that they could think of when they were thinking about entrepreneurs. (I also went over the definition of entrepreneur first so they knew what they were thinking of.)

3. Watch the video: I told my students to look for any more verbs or adjectives that they had not thought of and write them down as well. Here is the video (it is a bit fast, and my students were a bit troubled, but the text helps a lot.)

4. Watch the video again: I then went through the video once more and stopped at different points to explain words that the students were curious about. There are a lot of difficult words for my students, but it was good to stretch their thinking and give them an arsenal for their midterm!

5. Productive activity: I then put my students into groups of two, and had them develop an idea as entrepreneurs. They had to come up with an idea for a business, tell me how much money they needed, how much money they would make in 10 years, the first three things they would do, and the three things that would be most difficult.

6. Interactive speaking: Once the students had completed the details of their “entrepreneurial idea” they then had a series of questions to ask the other groups such as: 1) Do you think this is a good idea? 2) Why or why not? 3) What problem will we have? and 4) Do you think it will be successful?
The students were to ask three different groups their ideas and write down their answers.

7. Wrap-it-up: To finish up, I walked around and got a few of the groups’ ideas and we discussed them as a whole.

Hope this is helpful! Enjoy!!


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