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May 4, 2011 by k. liz

So, I will just begin with saying that I know this is not generally a “religious” blog. And I realize that some who read my blog are probably not reading it for “religious” reasons. However, that being said, I don’t really believe that it is possible to separate what you believe from your life. You cannot have one side be the “What I believe about God and religions” side and the other side be “How I live my life” side. If you truly believe something, it will of necessity affect every part of your life, otherwise it’s not really a belief.

That being said, I’ve been coming up against some difficulties at my school recently, and in life in general, and so spent some time thinking tonight (as I locked myself out of my apartment and was waiting for my landlord to let me in 🙂 and this is what came as a result. Maybe some of it will resonate with you . . . maybe not.

My Rights:

I get really annoyed at people that
my rights.
And usually, as I’m walking and soul-murmuring to myself
about how
inconsiderate and uncaring
these people are,
I feel that I hear God striking up a conversation with me.

And I want to let him know. I want to ask him,
Don’t I have the right to have a balcony?
Don’t I have the right to not have people lie to me?
Don’t I have the right to have students that listen in class?
Don’t I have the right to print my papers, when I want to print them?
Don’t I have the right eat my lunch when I’m hungry?
Don’t I have the right to working internet when I need it?
Don’t I have the right to . . .

And that’s about when I finally get my eyes off of my own
sickeningly selfish person and
a beautifully perfect man
Whose eyes are heavenward as he hangs on a cross built of my own
The rights, so-called, befitting a King of another world hung
on those wooden beams.
His true rights: the right of
endless glory
unadulterated adoration
eternal worship
complete and total exaltation.

And my own rights? My own rights as a
redeemed and re-bought captive?
And what rights should a POW have?
Really, isn’t life and breath a gift in and of itself?
Shall I also ask for steak and bubble baths?

Suddenly, my petty printer problems and balcony woes seem to lose their weight.
Rather, I wish to see myself use the gift of life and breath to do my small part in returning the lost rights of my King to their rightful owner.


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