What I’m about this week . . .


May 12, 2011 by k. liz

Hmmmm . . . I think this will be more difficult this week:

1. Rome was AMAZING!!! Loved it. Check out my post here.

2. Watched Dead Poets Society. Really interesting movie! I finally understand all of the allusions in education books to Robin Williams standing on the desk!

3. Downloading a bunch of free books thanks to ereaderiq!

4. MIDTERMS . . . hence this week has been long and tiring without too many ideas!

5. Working on plans for the summer: so far it is looking like Senegal, to America (PA, maybe NY, CO), and then finally back to Istanbul. (It’s looking like, of course, we usually know for sure what we’re doing a week or two before.)

6. Studystacks.com – I used this for a series of competitions in my class this week. My students especially loved the hungry bug game! (Yeah, they’re university students . . . yeah, they were pretty crazy over getting the caterpillar to eat the right food . . . whatever works!)

7. Buying birthday presents – is it weird if I just absolutely love doing this? I spend hours trying to find the right present and get it all put together . . . online. Thanks Old Navy, Groupon, and Google Maps.

8. Popsicles!! I guess it must be almost summer . . . because I have been craving these!

9. Watching the same episode of White Collar every night (season 2, episode 12.) This is mainly because it’s the only video on my iPod, and I like listening to something when I go to sleep. But, I also love this exchange:
Mozzie: “Wanna make a star ruby?”
Neil: “We’re not rewriting history, let’s keep it simple.”
Mozzie: “Note my immediate boredom.”
Suit: “Help me explain why an oxy-hydrogen blowtorch is going to show up on my expense report?”
Mozzie: “We’re making synthetic rubies, plebeian.”

10. I almost forgot . . . I’ve also been accepted into grad school!!


One thought on “What I’m about this week . . .

  1. David Warr says:

    1.I know
    2.Captain, my captain
    3.cool, hope u read them
    4.that’s life
    5.nice triangle
    6.we’re all kids at heart (well, most of us)
    7.16th September
    8.enjoying every minute
    9.original script to say the least
    10. congratulations!!

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