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May 14, 2011 by k. liz

My “new-aspiring-blogger, learning-teacher, education-enthusiast” goal has been to comment on 5 blogs daily. Recently, I’ve NOT been faithful with this. But, I figured that it would be more beneficial (and also more motivating) if I share with you all some of what I’m reading. So . . . for this thunderstormy, constructiony, lazy Saturday morning (now afternoon) – here are some of the blogs I’ve been reading.

1. Sandy Millin’s Teaching Metaphors: Really interesting post on how she shares her view of language learning with her students.

2. David Warr’s Technology, Dogme, and Language Plants: Now, I must admit, I am still pretty lost on the whole “Dogme” movement. But, I have definitely seen it around A LOT! This was an interesting post on how technology is growing and is profitable for education.

3. British Council’s What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Teacher?: Not even much of a post, just a video and some comments, but interesting to hear some other people’s thoughts on the matter.

4. Cintia Stella’s Let’s Make a Difference: I actually read this post the other day, and it is really good. Cintia is talking about how can we effectively use education to change the world. Today, I was responding to Clive’s helpful comments on creating a global classroom to make language learning pertinent to our students. Thanks Clive!

5. Mindstep’s What Students Want: This was an extremely interesting post about some student interviews, and what students themselves say they want in an education. It was extremely insightful, but also what I would have expected based on some conversations and observations of my own students. It’s a good spring-board for some follow-up posts about what can we actually do about these issues?


One thought on “What I’m Reading Today . . .

  1. Sandy Millin says:

    Thanks for including my post on the list 🙂 You’ve given me some other things to investigate too.

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