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May 15, 2011 by k. liz

Here are today’s read and commented blogs (so far!) And . . . just for information. I do occasionally read more, these are just the five I purposely commented on this morning . . . (now afternoon):

1. The Hedgehog Blog’s Picture Writing: This is a super awesome idea to use in a YL class! I think it is a wonderful activity, and I plan to keep it in my arsenal for next year when I may have elementary students.

2. Ceri Jones’ Reader Response Codes: This was a completely new concept for me, and one that I will need to think about and find ways to incorporate into my own classroom, but Ceri does a very good job of explaining and giving examples of using reader response codes in reading class. (For example, using a ? for something the students don’t understand, or a ! for something that surprises them, etc.) Very informative post!

3. Oxford University Press’s Why should songs be used MORE in the Young Learners classroom?: This post was very well written and gave tips and reasons for using music. I must say that, not being much of a singer (and after watching Eurovision last night and not understanding much of anything that was sung!) I don’t use music much in the classroom. However, Devon Thagard lays out the benefits of using music very clearly. Again, I will be keeping this in mind as I move on to YLs next year!

4. Scott Thornbury’s S is for Situation: This post brought up the ideas behind situational teaching. Scott has good thoughts about building a situational syllabus and giving the students vocabulary and structures that they will need to use in their daily lives rather than bits and pieces that are irrelevant to what they want to accomplish with the language. (I think I’m starting to understand dogme more and more! Thanks Scott!)

5. Ian James’ Kids and Bin Laden: This was an interesting activity posted by Ian James. I am not sure I’ll be able to fit it into my curriculum, but I really appreciate the information. I had never heard of the Kids’ React videos before, but I can see them being very beneficial for my classes! Who knows, maybe this lesson will fit perfectly with something that’s coming up in the next few weeks. Regardless, I’ll be keeping these videos in mind!


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