What I’m Reading Today . . . 5/17


May 17, 2011 by k. liz

Here you go! Lots of interesting things I’ve been reading today . . . making me think a lot, but also making me ponder if we can ever come to definitive solutions regarding things like technology and dogme. But, alas, that is for a different day!

1. Literacy and Technology’s Technology’s Impact on Learning Outcomes: Can it be Measured?: Pondering the questions of what does technology actually accomplish in the classroom. Is it helping or hurting our students, and how can we accurately assess them based on evolving learning strategies?

2. The PLN Staff Lounge’s Twittercide or a Cry for Help?: This was helpful for anyone who is overwhelmed by starting a Twitter account. I know that I did not capitalize on mine for several months, but I am now starting to feel comfortable with Twitter and seeing it as an invaluable tool. Hopefully this will help some of you who are unsure of where to go with it!

3. The Darkside of Language’s Why Don’t you Teach in a School, Why Would I want to?: I feel that I can somewhat relate to this author’s sentiments about students who are just paying for that piece of paper. It continues to contribute to some thoughts on money and education that I hope will manifest themselves in a post sometime during this week!

4. bcnpaul1’s IWB Interactivity: Good sound post on ways to use an Interactive White Board . . . Interactively! I really liked Paul’s ideas and activities. I don’t have an IWB, but have been able to use my laptop a bit in this way (though not nearly as effectively!)

5. Richard’s The Internet is for Secret Learners: Really interesting article on how the internet is beneficial for those quiet students (and all students!) Some really good thoughts on the need to use the internet outside of class effectively to help our students.


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