What I’m Reading Today . . . 5/18


May 18, 2011 by k. liz

Here ya go!

1. Brad’s ELTchat Etymology and Dogme flies: I’m really excited to have found this blog! This is a super interesting blog on etymology and language and ELT practices. I really like some of his ideas and his style is super fun to read. Go check him out!

2. Ken Wilson’s The Human Cost of being Connected: This post raises awareness of some of the atrocities that are taking place in the world so that we can easily enjoy such things as our laptops, iPhones, iPods and electronic tablets. It warrants some thinking about how we can help to stop the problems that are taking place in factories that are producing the parts for our beloved technological toys.

3. Tall Travels’ Approaching Halfway: CELTA blog . . . ahhhhhh, the memories!!

4. Gavin’s Mass Debates: Awesome post. A man considering balance in ELT education and not telling me there is only one way to do it!! Plus, it’s pretty cool that I have the same theme that he does. 🙂

5. Teacher Challenge’s JogtheWeb Challenge: This was a resource I hadn’t heard of yet! I haven’t had time to look into yet, but I will hopefully find time soon. Maybe it will end up in a blog post on my own site!


2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Today . . . 5/18

  1. Thanks for the mention, and for steering me to Ken’s important post. I’ve RSSed to catch more of your gems in the future.

    Cheers, brad

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