What I’m Reading Today . . . 5/20

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May 20, 2011 by k. liz

Okay . . . so, I probably will not be posting tomorrow. BECAUSE – I will be leaving home around 5:30 to fly to Istanbul to migrate a good portion of our belongs, sign a contract, visit with some friends, and then fly back 6:00 Sunday morning! But, I mean, if perchance I happen to find some spare time, and some free internet . . . you’ll be the first to know!! (P.S. So . . . I kinda cheated tonight, but it’s getting late! I didn’t comment on all of these – but only because of the weird register/login stipulations on some of the sites. :-))

1. Gordon Scruton’s Conversation Class Storybuilding: A good reflection on a lesson – it’s nice to hear teachers thinking back on what they could have done better in a lesson. It is not only beneficial for themselves, but hugely beneficial for us as well! Always something to learn!

2. BBC’s Women affected most by English funding cuts: Okay, so this isn’t a blog, but rather a news article. I find this sad, as it seems like a counter-productive way to address issues in a country. I know that this happens so many times, in every country, with different issues. But, it is difficult to watch those who want to learn English be refused. And, it is hard to understand the criteria, if they need English to find a job, but they can only learn English if they are looking for a job – they are going to quickly be left out to dry because they cannot even get on the cycle. Who knows, maybe this will spawn some good free tutoring on weekends and evenings!!

3. Fotobabble’s Ask and Ye Shall Receive: This is a resource I’ve never heard of . . . so, I’ll have to check it out soon!

4. MoscowNews’ Cruel but Fun: the Extreme English Final Exam: This one’s just for fun! Or, maybe you can actually adapt it to an upper level class studying phonology . . . who knows?!

5. Edutopia’s Social Media in Education: Okay, so this is about a year old – but . . . I’m an edutopia fan. 🙂 I found this while looking around for my fifth article/post for the day. This was an interesting post. I was looking for something “non-Twitter” since there’ve been several posts about that lately. This was interesting. At first, I thought it would be almost “outdated” since our PLNing and sharing of ideas has largely migrated over to Twitter – but there were some really good, sound ideas for using pages in the classroom. I’ve still been too nervous to actually use Facebook in the classroom, but this article highlights some of the uses of Facebook in and out of the classroom. The author also talks about ways to address bigger issues by raising awareness on Facebook. In all, a very good read.


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