What I’m Reading Today . . . 5/22

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May 22, 2011 by k. liz

I’m back!!

1. Million Dollar Mompreneur’s Failing: The New Winning: REALITY CHECK!! This is actually a parenting blog, but I think it applies equally well to the classroom. And, I totally agree with the author’s view on the necessity for students to understand failure and consequences.

2. Gordon Scruton’s Calm Down and Relax: A good post (actually written for students, I think) but still something for me to think about as I set up the atmosphere in my classroom. Do I create an atmosphere conducive to learning? What do my students need in order to be ready to receive my instruction?

3. Scott Thornbury’s O is for Open Space: Another dogme post! Thankfully, in my quest to learn more about this method, there is no shortage of posts these days!! More for me to think about!

4. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Nurture young imaginations through creativity, not tests: I am all for growing creativity in students. I think this is a huge part of life, and it is important for so many things the students will need to do in their lives. But, I don’t want to so quickly condemn testing. I do believe that creativity should have more prominence in our schools, but we cannot ignore critical thinking. Both are crucial skills if we are going to turn out students who are ready to do something great in the world.

5. Ceri’s An urban tale: Awesome writing activity! A lot of structure, so your students are free to think a lot about a few things. Looks like a good activity to work into an hour or two of writing class!


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