What I’m Reading Today . . . 5/23

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May 23, 2011 by k. liz

Happy Monday, all!! This is my last Monday teaching here!! It’s crazy how fast the year has gone, and I’m looking forward to what will come next year!

1. Teaching with Soul’s Yeah, I Do It Anyway!: Great post on working in the community and our source of motivation. Wish a lot that I could go and get involved with her work!!

2. BBC’s Student motivation is entirely the responsibility of the teacher?: Good post on student motivation. Motivation is largely the teacher’s responsibility, but not wholly. For me, I find the next challenge to be figuring out how to trigger student intrinsic motivation in a cross-cultural setting!

3. Teaching Village’s Students Picking Pics: This is a great idea for giving the students a bit more motivation and ownership in the lesson. I’ve done something like this once, but told my students that I needed them to create the materials since one of them had kept my book by accident. They all thought they were doing me a huge favor, but actually they were the ones benefitting!!

4. Justin Tarte’s 10 Reasons to get Educators Blogging: A great post on the benefits and positives of blogging. I know that I have only recently really worked hard to improve my blogging, and I feel that all of his points were true and helpful. If you’re not already blogging, head on over and read why you should!!

5. Ceri Jones’ Celebrating #eltpics (via Kenwilsonelt): Some great ideas on using the flickr #eltpics pictures. If you haven’t used these pictures yet, head on over to flickr and see over 3000 pictures that are free to use for your classroom. The possibilities with these are endless!


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