What I’m Reading Today . . . 5/24

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May 24, 2011 by k. liz

Good morning! Hope you’re all having a great day. I’m reviewing vocab, packing belongings, and preparing for an epic picnic (I hope!) on Thursday. Here’s my five for today . . .

1. Linguaprof’s Communicative Competence – What is It?: This post briefly summarizes what skills students should have in order to be considered competent in a foreign language.

2. Laura’s Why I Hate Reading Aloud: I found this to be slightly humorous, since I just had my students read aloud for the second time ever yesterday. Maybe I’ll write on this sometime. I actually found it to be helpful in my class, though I know the overwhelming advice out there is to steer clear of it. Laura nicely explains her reasons and feelings on the subject!

3. Daily Yomiuri Online’s Indirectly Speaking: This was an extremely well articulated post on some ideas of teaching grammar. I’ll save my personal opinions for next year, when I’m actually studying all of these things, but I did really appreciate the points that Guest focused on.

4. ELTrie’s Practical linoit in the classroom: A good post on using linoit in the classroom for grammar points. (I also have a post on using linoit here, but for vocabulary!)

5. Talking Business Internationally’s Does Accuracy add Value?: This post posed a very good question regarding correction philosophy and what is the most important thing we are aiming for with our students.


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