Keynote/Powerpoint – #10 of 10 Tech Things


May 25, 2011 by k. liz

What is it? Keynote or Powerpoint
What do I use it for? Vocabulary, games, discussion, reading, etc.
How long does it take? It’s totally up to you! I sometimes spend hours, sometimes minutes.
My rating: ******** 8/10

Okay, so probably the most simple, most already used tech thing that teachers know. I understand that I’m not introducing some amazing new program here, but I want you to think about the ways that you are using this basic technology that almost everyone has on their computer. I have found this to be invaluable for my classes. Now, I’m not going to give you a lot technical advice on these things, because you will have to learn your own personal program, whether Powerpoint or Keynote. I am currently using Keynote, but I have spent a lot of time using Powerpoint in the past. Both have a lot of really good features. Rather, I will give you some basic ideas of how to use these in class.

1. Vocabulary:
My favorite way to use Keynote for vocabulary is to choose a picture, write the word, write a short definition, and ask a comprehension question. I generally set up my animations to bring in the picture first. This way, I have the students already calling out words that have to do with the picture, they are getting a context in their mind. I try to elicit the word, but if they do not know the word, then I will show them the word. After this, I will show the definition and we will talk about the word for a minute or so. Finally, I will display a question and get the students to prove to me they understand the word by answering the question.

I also do a lot of other things with vocabulary words, such as matching pictures and definitions, or just having pictures and words together, but the above is my favorite. One awesome thing about doing your vocabulary words like this, especially if your students are accountable for the words they learn every week, is that you can put all of your vocabulary slides together very easily and create a Quicktime movie that your students can use to study throughout the week or weekend. I also sometimes just play this in class breaks. This gives more exposure to my students, and it is an easy way to put all of the words together. You can then share this on facebook, a thumbdrive, youtube, etc. 

2. Discussion or Class Questions:
I guess this is probably super obvious, but a lot of times my students don’t bring books. If I can write the true/false questions on the Keynote, then I can ensure some more participation. Other times, it is just nice to have the work already finished rather than have to write questions on the board or something.

(Another trick that doesn’t fit in this post: my board markers are all dying, so a lot of times I will just open a word document and use that as my “board” – I can type pretty fast, so it saves me time, I don’t turn my back on my students, and it is easily changeable to correct mistakes or add students’ answers.)

Another application in this section is that you can write directions on the Keynote. This way, you can get an activity going, and then take time to monitor, rather than re-explain the directions a billion times! I like being able to point the students to the Keynote and not have to explain again. Or you can write messages to students who should be reading, and aren’t!! 

3. Games:
There are so many games to play with Powerpoint and Keynote. However, I’ve also mentioned Superteachertools, and I really prefer their Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire  to the Keynote version. However, I know there are a few more games out there that people use on Keynote. One that I would like to share today is actually that I’ve just created based on another Keynote game that I’ve seen and a game show that exists at least here in Turkey, but I’m sure that it is also in a few other countries. It is called Passa Parola. Now, I have not watched a full episode, so I may be totally demolishing the game as it is actually played on TV, but here is the game I have created.

You can watch the screencast below to see the animations, but here is the explanation:

Round 1: Timed round – Split your group into two teams. Round one, you will need a stopwatch. The team will have ten vocabulary words on the right hand side of the screen, and a clue will appear somewhere on the right hand side. Once the team has correctly chosen the word, the teacher will advance to the second clue (and so on until the tenth clue.) You will then record the time for the first team. Next, the second team will complete the same task (with new vocabulary words.) Now, you will have both teams scores based on their time. On to round two!

Round 2: Beat the clock – Depending on the level of your students, I would set the timer for 1-2 minutes. You will then have 8 letters of the alphabet in a circle. The teacher will advance the questions, and the students will try to answer as many as possible within the time limit. The teacher will then allot points for each correct answer given. In this round, there are no choices, but rather question/clues and a letter. The answer begins with the letter in the circle. This will require the students to think more about the answer and choose the correct word.

In my own game, I am recycling the words many times because my students are not confident with these words yet. I also will probably play the game twice so that each team answers each set of questions. I know that this game might still seem a little confusing right now, but watch the screencast below and hopefully that will clear things up.

Click here to see my screencast – sorry it is quiet, and kind of boring, but hopefully it will make sense!

If you would like me to send you the Passa Parola game, just let me know. I’d be more than happy to email it to you! (And, I’ve even saved it in a user-friendly format!!)

Well, that’s it! That’s the end of my 10 Tech Things series, hope you learned something and got some ideas!!


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