What I’m Reading Today . . . 5/25

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May 25, 2011 by k. liz

Hey all! Just finished my 10 Tech Things series today too . . . make sure you check it out!!

Here are my daily five!

1. Global English Corner News’ What We are Doing and Why: Just getting the word out about this new site that is apparently in the works. Looks like a combination of a bunch of sites. Hopefully it will end up being an awesome tool for all of our students!!

2. Chris Ozog’s Teacher Training Unplugged: And yet another Dogme post! I feel that I’m finally starting to get a grasp of what this is all about. (Just so you know, the word has not even been mentioned in my current academic facility!!) I like how Chris clearly laid out what he did and how it worked. Something that I will continue to consider and try to work into some of my lesson plans. However, I am not ready to jump on board and leave my other methods behind!

3. (Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas’ Post-it Notes: Another challenge on this wordpress site! Every week (or maybe twice a week) Sandy shares a challenge as a means of collaborating a bunch of ideas for using one specific tool in the classroom. This week, it is the post-it note. What would you do with post-it notes?

4. Richard Byrne’s So Your Content Got Stolen, Now What?: This is an extremely clear and helpful post for any bloggers out there. Stolen content was not anything I had heard of before, and I’m very thankful to Richard for this post!

5. The Australian’s Coping part of the curriculum: tackling mental health issues at schools helps teachers, parents, and children: This was a sobering post, and one that reminded me that my role as a teacher goes so much further than pushing my students to get a good grade on a test. My goal as a teacher should be to shape my students’ lives so that they can effectively and enjoyably exist in society and function as a contributor to society. Sometimes, that will involve helping families deal with mental difficulties and showing students how to conquer these issues.


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