What I’m Reading Today . . . or the past few days :-)

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May 30, 2011 by k. liz

Hey everyone! Sorry for skipping out the past few days. We had some friends from our University in America visiting this weekend, and so were having picnics and students come to make traditional foods, and such. So that, finishing up the term, and packing up our belongings, sending them to Istanbul, and having slow internet . . . all contributed to not really getting much accomplished in the way of posting this weekend.

Here’s what I’m reading these days . . .

1. B’s life with English’s Creating Personalized Seals (and having fun): I’ve never heard of this website, but it looks like it could have a lot of really good activities in store. I am currently thinking of having students create a seal as a warmer, and then they can explain to a partner why they chose that seal, and then the partner can share with the class.

2.Edutopia’s Ending the Year on a Positive Note: I needed this today.

3. Business Insider’s 10 Secret Facebook Features: Just an interesting and hopefully helpful post especially if you use facebook within education or business.

4. Jason Renshaw’s The budding potential of a buddy system: It was fun to read about this man’s positive experience with the new buddy system in a British Prep School. Looks like a good idea, and looks like it will have some lasting effects! Hopefully as this program grows, so will our students sense of worth, confidence, and leadership.

5. Chiasuanchong’s Making Student-Centered Dogme Student-Friendly: And . . . what would this be without a dogme post?! In all honesty, I think I’m still a bit more of a tech teacher based on my experiences and likes, even though I post more blogs about Dogme. I think that it all comes down to feeling really clueless about dogme so reading a lot to try and catch up!


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