Vocabulary Review Week Ideas

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June 1, 2011 by k. liz

Okay, I am actually in exam week now, but I know that some other schools are just entering review week, or maybe they will have it soon. Regardless, here is a list of ideas and activities that I hope you will find helpful as you review with your students!

First of all, though, I have a question. Revision? What is that? I got so confused on this when I moved here to Turkey and heard my colleagues talking about revision at the end of the term. To me, revision is going over something to check for mistakes. Anyone care to comment and clarify?

So, here you go:

1. Review Sheet: I make one of these for my students ever week. Sometimes, I divide the vocabulary by chapter, and other times I divide the vocabulary by part of speech. We use this for several things throughout review week. I often let my students use the sheet when we are playing games because their exams are usually multiple choice, so I like the students to see their options in front of them. I also add on a practice quiz with questions similar to what they might see, and also some other questions just to get them thinking about the vocabulary. After I started making this every week, I had students from other classes and even other levels coming to ask me for the review sheet!

2. Draw a picture: I will just randomly choose some nouns and adjectives and ask my students to draw a picture.  I know that this is super simple, but it is something that I can use for 5-10 minutes when I am getting something else set up. Usually my students really enjoy this, and it does give me a good idea of whether or not they understand the vocabulary words.

3. Study stacks: I posted about this before here. This site is really good to get the students practicing vocabulary outside of the classroom. However, I will sometimes also set up tournaments in the classroom and have the students compete together to finish the tasks quickly.

4. Games: I love playing games for review week. I think that if you do it correctly, these can be really helpful in getting students to remember and solidify the words they need to know. Here are some ideas: Superteachertools, Four CornersPassa Parola.

5. Triptico: (See my post on this awesome app here.) I used the new part of this app: Random Task Generator. In doing this, I created several things for my students to do with the vocabulary words (such as: write a sentence using this word; write a synonym for this word, etc.) The goal was to be the first team to finish all of the tasks.
Also with Triptico, I created fill in the blanks tasks with the vocabulary words as magnets and the students had to put them in the right sentence. I did this by writing the sentences on a Keynote screen, and then saving the screen as a JPEG and uploading it as a background image into Triptico.

Okay, so I know that there are tons more ideas, but that’s all for now. Hope this gives you some inspiration as you are finishing up the year!! Enjoy!!


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