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June 9, 2011 by k. liz

So we have been here for a few days now. I love it here! So far we have been able to reconnect with a really good friend from last year and some of his friends as well. I’m excited because I’ll be attending an applied linguistics class next week with those friends. They are really fun to talk with about languages and linguistic theories.
I have also been able to teach an informal free English class . I love the students here. They are funny and really excited to learn. So, I’ve been enjoying that in the evenings. I have also been able to get in touch with a local high school, and it has been really fun to visit the classes and jump in to help with a few things. I think that tomorrow I may be able to sit down with a few of the teachers and talk through some methodologies and curricula.
All in all, I’m loving it here. I’m not sure how much all of you know about the talibe system in Senegal, but there are hundreds of boys on the street here begging for money. It has been good to just go out and play with them. I wish I could do so much more to help the people while I am here, but I will do the little I can while I am here to brighten someone’s day and show them something about the amazing God I love.
Maybe there will be another update soon! Until then . . . Have a great week!!


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