Me: Idea; You: Comments :-)


July 26, 2011 by k. liz

So . . . I know I haven’t posted here for a while, but I’m not teaching right now!! So, sadly, I’m not really living on educational ideas right now! Right now, I am actually enjoying some of beautiful Colorado with my husband and his family. But, our departure date for Turkey is coming quickly, and so I, of necessity, and starting to churn some ideas in my head.

Here is my latest idea. Now, mind you, I am moving from the University Prep School to Kindergarten this year, so I am hoping to hear some feedback on this idea from those of you with more experience. So, here goes!

Okay, my idea is to create several large laminated spaces for my classroom wall. One of those spaces would be the classroom itself, one would be the bathroom, one the office, and maybe a few others. Next, I would create some little laminated people with the students names on them. (I would also possibly have the students decorate one to represent themselves.) During the day, it would be the students’ responsibility to move their person around if they are going to the bathroom, or the office, etc. Also, there would be a home section, and the students would move their person into the classroom when they arrive, and into home when they are leaving. This would accomplish two objectives: one, I would always know where my students are; two, it will give my students the vocabulary for “Where are you?” and some specific locations. Also, I think that it would help some with the language barrier that will invariably be there for the first few weeks.

So . . . what do you think? Has anyone already done this? Do you foresee any problems or areas of improvement?



6 thoughts on “Me: Idea; You: Comments :-)

  1. It will certainly lead to some fun when students lose themselves or leave themselves at home or when the real kid is there but the figure is in the bathroom. Or vice versa. I’d say it’s hard enough to get actual children to be where they’re supposed to be without adding any layers of complexity to the whole thing. But I’m usually wrong about this sort of thing!

    • k. liz says:

      Thanks for the warning. I think I got so excited about it, that I needed someone to bring in the reality and possible problems with the idea. Thanks for reminding me!!

  2. T Bestwick says:

    Hi Kylie,

    I like the idea and I’ve seen it used on a much more basic level in the Infantil classes at the state school where I work. They have one big poster with the school and a house and any day that somebody is ill, they stay in the house. They have a picture of each individual student too, which I imagine helps immensely at the start when you’re trying to learn names and faces.

    Good luck 🙂

    • k. liz says:

      Thanks for the comment! I’ll have to work to balance yours and Patrick’s! We’ll see what actually happens when I get there. Hopefully I’ll have something along these lines to post about when I get there and get set up!

  3. Ginger Van Steenvoort says:

    As a child, you would have found this fascinating. You would also have been busy policing the children who aren’t where they are supposed to be!! I think it can be a very good learning tool.

  4. kvolman says:

    It’s a cute idea, but I can just see twenty little kids fighting over the poster at the same time. But, with teaching children it’s always a game of trial-and-error. What works for one group of kids, fails for another. You’ve already got a great start by being able to think creatively like this. Good luck!

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