What I’m Reading Today . . . 8/20

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August 20, 2011 by k. liz

Hey!! I’m back to school . . . I have internet . . . time to start sharing some awesome blogs and articles again!!
If you want me to read and share your blog, or a particular blog, either comment here, or contact me via email. I’d be happy to share yours!

1. Dave Dodgson’s Teachers in Turkey Series: Eva’s Teaching as a Career: This is a great post by a native Turk about the status of teachers . . . not only in Turkey, but around the world. Some people need to realize how much responsibility they put in teacher’s hands . . . maybe I’ll have my own post on the subject in the future, but I’ll not rant now!

2. Nick’s Assessment: What is it good for?: Good post on how to effectively use assessments in the classroom.

3. Earlyedudrama’s Communication Activity: Great speaking activity for a small group or classroom setting. Would love to see students work through this scenario!

4. Cecilia’s A Post about firsts: Nice read about the fact that nervousness is a normal part of teaching, along with some great ideas for the first days of class. Sure this is a good time for all of us to start collecting ideas!

5. Ozge’s Back to Work: Wow. Watch the video that her 6 year old class put together and prepare to be amazed!!


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