What I’m Reading Today . . . 8/21

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August 21, 2011 by k. liz

1. Quarentia’s Friday Fun 11 with Poker Chips: Shares a cool stop-motion video made by his son and nephew. I can see someone using this idea as an interactive math lesson sometime in the future! (If they haven’t already 🙂

2. Willy’s The world is half someone else’s: Awesome post sharing from a work by Bakhtin. Thoroughly enjoyed the paragraph reminding us that language isn’t some impersonal force that sits out there and we make use of, but it is rather part of who we are and how we live on this earth with the rest of the human race. Read it!

3. Dr. Eaton’s Does Language Learning Make us Racist?: An interesting article pondering the outcomes of teaching a second language. Definitely something that needs to be thought through. I’m not totally sure on my own conclusions yet.

4. Sabrina’s Clowning on the first class day!: This is a fun blog post with a couple of first day activities as well as a reminder to make learning enjoyable and relaxing.

5. Emine’s A Warmer and  Filler: Easy, fast activity to help you out in the classroom when you need to get students interacting!


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