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August 29, 2011 by k. liz

Hey! So, I have this other blog . . . one where I do a little less education, and a little more what I spend the rest of my time on. Though, I will say that I think education probably trickles into it from time to time. Have I ever mentioned how I believe that if you actually believe in something, it connects to every part of your life? That’s how it is with God and me, and I think that it’s getting that way with education, too.

Well, so anyway . . . I have this other blog, and for the next two weeks I’m hosting a giveaway because I really do want to make it better. So, if you’re interested in entering to win a $10 gift card, just head on over and follow the directions. It’s relatively painless, and shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. Plus, I’d really appreciate it!!

And, just to give you an idea before you head over there – you can find links to the books I’m reading, freelancing details, poems, and then my just day to day life things too.

Last, but definitely not least. I also have this pretty amazing husband who blogs on all things political, religious, and literary. If you have any interest in Islam, faith, Libya, Syria, the hurricane in America, the best free books on Kindle, etc . . . you really should go check him out.

That’s all for tonight!



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