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September 14, 2011 by k. liz

Good evening! So, my time is VERY short, thus this post will be also.

Tonight I was listening to an NPR podcast on Education from sometime relatively recently. Here are a few things I gleaned from it, and a few questions that it sparked in my mind.

  1. The “No Child Left Behind” act is not turning out to be as successful as it was set out to be. Obama is working on delaying some of the goals as teachers are claiming that it is not possible to achieve all of the goals (namely having every student grade-proficient in math and reading) by 2014. Can I just ask what happened to our educational system that students can still be lower than grade-proficient? I have been involved with schools before that won’t fail students if it is their first year in that school system. I think that our education is in a really sad position today because of some poor decisions and lax rules in the past. Again, I cannot stress how important education is for a country, and when a country realizes that, then they will put in every effort to generate a successful and thriving educational system. More on that another time.
  2. The Atlanta Public School system was found guilty of massive cheating on standardized tests this last year. It is making the beginning of this new school year a bit rocky for some. Teachers stooped pretty low in covering their tracks as they opened tests early and resealed them, or changed answers while wearing gloves. Let me just say this plainly, America has problems with its educational system. Now, I think that these issues can be resolved and turned back, but only if someone is willing to put in the effort. On the one hand – in this day and age, communicative learning, hands-on learning, inquiry-based learning is very popular and well-loved, but at the same time, testing is such a huge pressure on schools. I think that someone needs to sit down and work out a balance. Education should be fun and enjoyable and cause children to want to learn, but it should also be a bit difficult. How will the own material unless they are forced to work through it? So, there needs to be some serious dialogues about how to work through all aspects of education in America.
Well, that’s it for tonight. The podcast definitely spurred some thoughts for me – hopefully some future posts will be able to address these questions. If you have any thoughts on American education, education as a whole, testing, hands-on learning, or anything related, please leave a comment below!

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