First Week Recap

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September 18, 2011 by k. liz

Here are just a few of my favorite activities, sites, ideas, etc. from my first week in Kindergarten.


1. Some clarification: I posted the other day about my feet that I put on the floor to use for lining up. Hmmmm . . . not necessarily a fail, but not really a success either. For instance, I hadn’t realized that I’d placed my feet in the middle of a racetrack, and therefore I was re-taping them five times a day. They are now happily on the wall. However, my students are a bit too energetic right now for me to implement the line-up policy. So, that might come in the future, we’ll see.

2. Magnetic number fish: We’ve been working a little on the song 1-2-3-4-5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive. You know it, right? Of course you do. Well, after we had worked on it, I had my kids decorate some fish, and then color little ones. We then attached magnetic numbers that I got at Target to them, and with a stick, rubber bands, and a magnet, they went fishing for the numbers I called out. They really enjoyed it, and I thought it was a good practice for them. I especially like that my kids want to play with it at other times too . . . all for educational playtime!

3. Our School Map: This week our topic was supposed to be “My School.” So, I spent some time trying to get my students to learn the different places in school that they will be using. For example, we learned “Nurse,” “Gym,” “Lunch Room,” etc. Afterwards, I drew pictures of the different places, had the students color them, and then we put them on the wall in the spatial order that the places are. Obviously they are not scaled or the only rooms in our school, but we at least put them in the direction that they go!

And two links for you – these are AMAZING!!

1. – This site has tons of free materials that you can print and use in the classroom. They are mostly elementary aged materials, but you can print days, months, weather, many nursery rhymes activities, just go check it out. 🙂

2. – I have been using this site a lot! It is so great for the kids. I have been using both the songs and the games. There is one game on there called “Paint It.” On this game, your kids will hear a sentence such as “Paint the slide red.” They will then use their paintbrush to find red, and paint the slide! My kids fight over who gets to go first. So, I’ve been handing out ticket numbers for them to get in line and use it. I also really like the songs. Well, more my kids LOVE the songs. They are animated and have kids singing, so the kids will stand there and watch the same song 10 times in a row if I don’t stop them for my own sanity’s sake!


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