10 Tech Things Recap

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September 24, 2011 by k. liz

I know this series has spanned several months, so I just wanted to put all of this together somewhere somewhat succinct. Enjoy! 

#1: Storify (click here to visit my blog post about the topic, and click below to directly visit the sites mentioned.)

What is it? Storify – a site for creating stories composed of tweets, fb posts, google stories, flickr photos, and youtube videos (one note – you have to request an invite to sign up)
What I use it for: speaking preparation; giving substance to speak about
How long does it take?: depending on your story, you should be able to create a usable story in about 15 minutes – all of the information is already prepared, you just have to select and place it
My rating:  ******* 7/10

#2: Triptico

What is it? Triptico by David
What I use it for: EVERYTHING!! I’ve used this for grouping students, I’ve used it for matching collocations, I’ve used it for making sentences, I’ve used it for putting events in order, I’m going to use it this week for a vocabulary review game . . .
How long does it take: You can create usable material in less than 5 minutes, and probably no more than 20 to come up with something to use for class
My rating: ********* 9/10

#3: Skype

What is it? Skype
What do I use it for? Getting my students to talk with native speakers.
How long does it take? Maybe 10 minutes prep if you want to give a handout for the students to fill in.
My rating: ******* 7/10

#4: Tiki-Toki

What is it? Tiki-toki Timelines
What do I use it for? Putting a text book reading into a new format. I think it could also effectively be used for discussion topics.
How long does it take? This one is more time intensive. I might have spent up to an hour to make it interesting and interactive for my students.
My rating: **** 4/10 (why? because of limited use, keep reading . . .)

#5: Bitstrips

What is it? Bitstrips
What do I use it for? I use this for my students to practice some basic dialogue language or to review recent vocabulary.
How long does it take? Zero prep time, but a decent amount of time in class.
My rating: ******* 7/10

#6: Super Teacher Tools

What is it? Superteachertools.com
What do I use it for? Review games – every week!
How long does it take? Maybe 20-30 minutes of prep work, and then it’s ready. I usually use these for 30-40 minutes in class.
My rating: ********* 9/10 (Is it a normal teacher thing to like, never give 10/10?)

#7: Prezi

What is it? Prezi
What do I use it for? An alternative to Keynote presentations in class, and student presentations.
How long does it take? For me, this is a bit more time intensive. I am somewhat picky about my presentations, so I like to put in the time to be happy with them.
My rating: ******** 8/10

#8: Twitter

What is it? Twitter.com
What do I use it for? Professional Development and Ideas
How long does it take? Well . . . that’s totally up to your own self-control!
My rating: ********* 9/10

#9: Linoit.com

What is it? Linoit.com
What do I use it for? Collaboration in the classroom!
How long does it take? This can be prepared in less than 20 minutes.
My rating: ******* 7/10

#10: Keynote/Powerpoint

What is it? Keynote or Powerpoint
What do I use it for? Vocabulary, games, discussion, reading, etc.
How long does it take? It’s totally up to you! I sometimes spend hours, sometimes minutes.
My rating: ******** 8/10


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