Lifelong Learning – Listening


October 12, 2011 by k. liz

Loved this one! I listened to a TED talk tonight, not too many hours after I spent most of a meeting . . . doodling. Not only is this talk interesting and enjoyable, as a teacher there are actually some very important lessons to be learned from this 5 minute segment. Culture should never inhibit someone’s learning capabilities. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to harness my students curiosity and turn that loose on the world for them to explore, ask questions, and make conclusions; if doodling is going to help that, then doodle on!


3 thoughts on “Lifelong Learning – Listening

  1. […] you are ingesting and make it meaningful and useful? This TED talk (which was blogged about here: just a word) offers a quick look at one of the ways we naturally do this: doodling. Yes, doodling. This has […]

  2. Interesting, thank you. What are your doodles like? I don’t doodle, but a friend of mine does lovely swirly complex patterns that must take ages.

    • k. liz says:

      I doodle a lot. Sometimes it is writing words or names, sometimes it is writing my own name in bubble letters and then decorating them, sometimes flowers, sometimes just random lines and then I make a design out of them . . . it is always changing! But, it makes me feel better knowing that it isn’t wasting time, but actually helping me to focus. 🙂

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