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October 25, 2011 by k. liz

We have been working diligently on our days in Anasınıfı-A. Currently, I am using some great printouts from Sparklebox, and a song from But, we needed to go a step further, so I had some extra time today when I was responsible for kids, but didn’t have a lesson, so I started working on a project to help out with the days. I wanted a way to get the parents involved as well so that we could work together to solidify the information that we are doing in the classroom.

Here is what came as the result . . .

I just created a weekly schedule, and laugh at me about the 2s on Tuesday if you want, but my kids can’t read letters, and they can read numbers. If numbers on Tuesday will help, I’m willing to do it! I then colored the schedule (something I will have my kids do in class this week.) I laminated mine because I know what my kids are capable of! I will probably bring theirs home and laminate them before sending them home as well. I will also laminate their arrows, but I wasn’t going to use a full sheet to laminate my own little arrow. I then glued the arrow onto a small clothespin (see picture.) I don’t have a hole punch at home, but I am planning on punching two holes in the top of the schedule and putting a string through. I am hoping my students will hang this on a doorknob or somewhere and practice with their parents every day at home.

Please feel free to use this activity in your own classroom, you can access the files and download them from GoogleDocs below. If you do download my template and use it, please leave a comment and let me know how it goes!


One thought on “Today is . . .

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