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November 15, 2011 by k. liz

Well, this activity went over surprisingly well today, with my students and the other teachers. So, I thought I’d share it. It is relatively easy (unless you’ve got too many hyperactive can’t sit still for 1 minute kids . . . thankfully I only had one really bad one!) And it especially made me laugh when the other teachers came by and asked if I could do their profiles as well!

All it takes is a projector, or some strong light source, a chair, a pencil, poster board, some crayons, and a kid . . . and voila, an activity about “my body” that doesn’t requiring reading or writing!

Set up your projector facing a wall, with your kid sitting on the chair between the light source and the wall. You can play around with this to get their head shadow as big or little as you want. Mine were probably just a bit larger than life-size. Then, tack some poster board on the wall or have someone hold the paper for you, and trace! I then cut out all of the heads (this was too intricate for my kids to do).

Then, I wrote on the heads:

I am ______________. (fill in with name)

I have (circle) (draw a picture of two eyes.)

I have (circle) (draw a picture of hair.)

I am

I then worked with my kids one on one to complete the activity by writing their name, coloring the circle for what color their eyes were, coloring the circle with what color their hair is, and drawing a stick figure of either a boy or a girl. My kids can’t read, so I used pictures for eyes and hair, but I still wrote the sentence structures to help enforce the pattern, and so that if their parents see it they can help them as well.

I set up a little staging area for them to work with all of the different colored crayons and a mirror, as well as an example for them to follow.

There are probably countless ways to use this easy activity in the classroom for different subjects and different levels . . . emotions, thoughts, favorite things, adjectives . . . what could you use it for?


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