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November 20, 2011 by k. liz

Ah. I have been MIA this week. Sorry! I have some exciting things coming up, though, so I thought I’d give you an update.

1. So, surprise! I have a life too! Recently, education is mostly my life, but every now and then there are unrelated adventures, and those, along with my writing endeavors get posted on my other blog. (Notice the button on the left sidebar!) Today I posted a really fun post about some of our (my husband and I) adventures from 2011.

2. There’s a free e-book coming your way! Do you remember my posts on 10 Tech Things to use in the classroom? Well, my awesome husband has helped me turn that into an e-book so that it is more convenient for all of you! I’ll post when it’s ready!

3. I am scheduled to present a workshop next Sunday at an ELT conference in Istanbul. My title is “A Non-Teched Classroom in a Teched Out World”. I’m pretty excited about it, and just hoping everything works out this week that I’ll be able to go. Probably after the conference I’ll post some of my notes and ideas here.

4. I also am getting pretty excited about plans for next summer and what that might mean for my ESL endeavors. I don’t know a whole lot yet, so I’ll hold off on sharing, but . . . could be some really exciting posts coming from those adventures as well!

Have a great Sunday!!


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