November 28, 2011 by k. liz

First, I would just like to say that I had an AMAZING time at the Dogus ELT Conference. It was a great experience, and if I am in the area next year, I will definitely be attending! I have lots of thoughts and ideas to share with you all over the next week. Probably tomorrow I will give you a preview, and then I will take those topics and start posting about them one by one. I will also give you an overview of the workshop that I gave today. So . . . be on the lookout for all of that coming this week.

However, for tonight, I have something else to share with you. You might have seen the post earlier today that there is a new e-book on Amazon! I’m pretty excited. If you’ve been following me, then you’ve already read all of the technology entries right here on my blog. But, now you can have them in a convenient e-book format!

So, obviously, the title of this post is Giveaway, so you’re probably waiting for me to get to that. Well, because I’ve just had an awesome weekend at a really good conference, and I’m really excited about ELT right now, for the next two weeks I am going to send my e-book to everyone who leaves a comment on my blog answering the question below. I’d also really appreciate it if you’d subscribe to my blog, share my blog and book on any social media sites that you use, and follow me on twitter. Now, leave a comment, your email address, and wait for the pdf of 10 Tech Things to arrive within a few days!


Comment before December 12th with:

answer this question: What is the best activity you have done with technology in your classroom?

Hey, while you’re waiting for my book to arrive, why not check out my other book on my other blog?


4 thoughts on “Giveaway!!

  1. Adam says:

    Glad you enjoyed the conference, too. Thanks for the link.

  2. Hi Kylie-

    Enjoyed your last book and even if this one is coming from a very different angle, I’m happy to see what you’ve got in store for us.

    I think the coolest thing I’ve done with tech- and it’s cooler on a human level, than a tech level- was to skype in friends from the US while in my class in China. This was a few years back and I’d give it greater structure now and would make sure there were pre/post exchanges. Furthermore, it could be cool to do it as more of a language exchange with students studying chinese in the US or France where I am now.

    Cheers, Brad

  3. I love Puzzle, one of the activities in Language Garden. Learners come up to the board, they really get energised. Shall we swap? An e-book for a Language Garden licence?

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