Turkish Private Educational Culture

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December 3, 2011 by k. liz

I have recently written a paper for my grad classes about Turkish Private Educational Culture. I have included the abstract in this post, and you can click here to read the full paper, if you’re interested. If you read it, please leave any comments or ideas from your own experiences, or any questions you have. I’d be more than happy to incorporate more thoughts and ideas into this paper!


Immersing yourself into a new culture and attempting to abide by the cultural rules of that culture while doing so is not always an easy task. This paper serves to examine three important aspects of culture within private Turkish educational institutions and how they affect one’s teaching capabilities and practices. The three elements that I will address are respect, discipline, and time. It is my opinion that these issues are fundamental to developing an educational philosophy which will allow the teacher and the institution to cooperate together in the best interest of the students. Without understanding and analyzing these concepts, both parties are likely to suffer from misunderstandings that may hurt the objectives of the school. This paper is by no means conclusive, but is rather a presentation of my own experiences and thoughts and how those relate to actual classroom practices. Cross cultural education is potentially disastrous if teachers and institutions do not put forth the effort to bridge the inevitable gaps in culture. By examining the following topics, I hope to close those gaps with understandable explanations and practical applications.


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