9 Youtube Uses


December 16, 2011 by k. liz

Christmas is coming so soon!! (To be read in a sing-song voice.)

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9 Youtube Uses:

I have become quite addicted to Youtube this last year, and I have found it really helpful in teaching as well. Hope you enjoy some of these ideas!!

1. Writing prompts: Show a short clip, and then give a writing prompt. One of my favorites is this short clip (there is no speaking, so you don’t even have to worry about it being too difficult!) After watching, I had my students write an outline for a paragraph about the movie, and then they had to write a conclusion. You could also have them write a dialogue or summary.

2. Break it up! Sometimes I am having a bad day, sometimes my students are having a bad day. A 30 second clip can make a difference! Here is one of my favorites for that purpose:

3. Set a context: I have been using videos for this purpose a lot with my kindergartners lately. I will show a cartoon that has to do with the topic we are talking about, and then ask context questions to test their attention and understanding. For my kindergarten class, I have especially liked Bernstein Bears, for older groups, a sitcom section could help provide the context you’re looking for.

4. Realistic Listening: How often are our students really going to need to listen to someone on a cassette tape, and not be able to see their gestures or even their mouth? Use youtube videos of people talking about a topic to replace your listening curriculum. There are so many people lecturing about things on Youtube that you are sure to find something that fits your topic!

5. Scavenger Hunt: Create a classroom Youtube account (you just need to be careful with content and filtering with this activity. If you don’t trust your students, don’t do it.) Then, give your students either target language or a topic and have them try to find videos that fit your criteria and save them in a playlist. Later, you can watch the playlist together as a class and see whether or not the objectives were met, and also use the language that was found for examples and teaching points.

6. Translation! I just heard a workshop recently on this, and it is a really great idea. Have your students listen to something in their native language and create subtitles for it in English or vice versa. Also (and I mentioned this above) you can have the students write a dialogue for a silent film.

7. Speaking activity: Put half of your students in front of the board where the video is being projected and mute the video. The other half of the students should then explain what is happening in the video. You can pause halfway through and have the groups switch. Then, at the end have either a discussion or a short writing activity to see if the students can piece together the gist of the video. Finally, watch the video together to see how close everyone got.

8. Compare/Contrast: There are a lot of videos on Youtube that demonstrate different accents, homes, backgrounds, etc. Select a few videos that highlight these differences and then have your students brainstorm differences and write a short paragraph about what they have observed.

9. Increase your students’ target language listening: There are whole communities on Youtube regarding different interests. You can find groups of girls interested in fashion, guys interested in comedy, music artists who are trying to get noticed, etc. Have your students create a youtube account and subscribe to some channels of teenagers who share their interests. They can interact with these people via messages or comments, and you can be excited that they are increasing the amount of time that they are listening to English throughout the week. You can either make this a requirement and have the students either post a certain number of comments or write a 2-3 sentence summary of the videos they watch, or you can just try to get them interested to pursue on their own.

P.S. If you don’t have internet in your classroom, there are ways to download youtube videos to be viewed offline. Google Chrome has an extension that works very well, otherwise it can be a bit more complicated. Leave a comment below if you need any help!


2 thoughts on “9 Youtube Uses

  1. A very useful list of purposes – thank you. =)

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