7 Tools Teachers Need

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December 18, 2011 by k. liz

One more week! Today I officially finished my semester work for my grad degree and welcomed two nephews into the world! Busy busy busy.

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7 Tools Teachers Need

These are just basic things you should know about, and if you don’t – that’s why you’re reading this!

1. Twitter: Why? Because it generates hundreds of ideas in a short amount of space. You get a 140 word summary of what you are about to click. Download Tweetdeck and open columns for #ELT and #tefl.

2. Pinterest: I love this! Create an account, create boards for different categories, and then just “pin” ideas that you like and revisit them later. All pins are linked to the website that they came from, so you can save ideas and read the details later. Here is a link to my “Kindergarten Ideas” board.

3. Kindle for PC or mobile device: There are thousands of free books available on Kindle and whether or not you have a Kindle, you can have access to these books. Download Kindle for either PC, Mac, or a mobile device and check for free books often!

4. PLN: I’m still working on this one, but basically, create a network of people that you can interact with in your field. These are people that you can learn from, bounce ideas off of, etc. The people that I interact with are fellow bloggers (see my blogroll) and other tweeters. Sharing ideas is really helpful!

5. ELTpics: This is a compilation of a ton of pictures on flickr that are free for elt teachers to use. Pictures are such a HUGE tool in the language classroom, so having free access to pictures like this is amazing!!

6. Evernote: Similar to Pinterest, Evernote is a way to save ideas and articles to read for later. I personally prefer Pinterest, because I am an images person, but my husband prefers Evernote. This allows you to save webpages, articles, blogs, etc. to your desktop and review them later offline. This is a really helpful tool for when you see something that you want to read, but don’t have the time. You can organize your Evernote files and add tags to make it easier to find things when you return to them. You can also add extensions to certain web-browsers that make it a one-click action to save the documents.

7. Diversions! Don’t become a teacher-zombie. Make sure you still invest in your real-life friendships, read the books you love, watch the TV shows you want, bake cookies, spend time on Youtube, play games. A frustrated teacher isn’t a great teacher, so make sure you’ve got something to get you out of the rut when you start falling in. And make sure that every day you find something that makes you smile!


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