5 ELT Inventions

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December 20, 2011 by k. liz

DISCLAIMER: This post is solely to make you laugh. Okay? Okay.

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5 ELT Inventions

1. A Forehead Translator: Okay, I’m an ELT teacher, my goal is getting my students to communicate with me, and me communicating with my students. But there are just those times when I need to know what they’re thinking or trying to say! Without Google translate, please.

2. A Preview Machine: You know, the kind that can tell you – this activity is going to FLOP!! Or, yeah, you wrote down that you’re going to do that for 20 minutes, but it’s only going to take 10.

3. A Who-Really-Did-It Detector: Have you seen Cheaper by the Dozen? Yeah, kinda like the dad does, but more accurate. And if the inventor could also include a “best-practice discipline for this child in this situation” application too, that would be awesome.

4. A Pause While I Compose Myself Setting: I don’t know if any of you have experienced this, but on a daily basis I can have upwards of 8 to 10 people all speaking (loudly) at me . . . in a language that I don’t fully understand. Thankfully, I haven’t fully embarrassed myself by screaming and then running away crying yet, but . . . I’ve imagined it!

5. A Re-explanation/Clarification Device: Sometimes I utilize students like one of these, but how nice would it be to have something that just instantly clarified all of your instructions for an activity. You could just say it once, and then keep hitting play to further explain all of the little questions that your students have. Brilliant!

So, let me know if any of you are working on the patents for these inventions, and I can stop drawing blueprints . . . 🙂


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