4 Holiday Projects


December 21, 2011 by k. liz

Hope you find something useful here! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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4 Holiday Projects

Are you ever at a loss of things to assign for weekend or holiday homework? You don’t want to be mean, but you need your students to keep interacting with the language while they are on break. Here are some simple ideas of things that hopefully your students will find enjoyable as well as helpful!

1. Take Pictures: Have your students use their phone or camera to take pictures during their holiday and create a picture story. You can ask them to write captions for each picture and then present it when they get back. Maybe you can require one picture per day, or pictures on only one day telling a story about what they did. *Some free easy programs to use with pictures that you can encourage your students to use are: Picasa (Google Download) and Piknik (online program)

2. Make a Vido: Have students do a “follow me” video on one day of their holiday. You can set a time limit and they should just show you something exciting that they are doing while not at school.

3. Converse: Ask your students to converse with an English speaker on IM, texting, Skype, facebook, twitter, etc. Ask them to take a screen shot, not so you can analyze the language, but so you can ensure that they completed the project. If this is about communication, don’t subsequently grill them on their accuracy. Encourage them in their efforts to talk with native speakers. Maybe you can print the pages and use them for analysis as a class project later with names removed, but not as part of the assignment.

4. Create a Collage: Especially at the end of the year, this would be a great holiday project. Have the students create a “learning collage” of things that they learned in 2011. This can have pictures from magazines, newspaper clippings, pictures of them, etc. You can also do different themes of collages, but get students to have a certain amount of English words, and then fill it up with pictures. This will give you lots of prompts to use in class, things to ask about, things to point out, things to use as examples for grammar structures. Students usually enjoy projects like this because they are low-pressure and it gives them a chance to express themselves.


One thought on “4 Holiday Projects

  1. Louise says:

    Thanks for the great ideas for the last classes before the holidays. I’ve done a “take a photo of a dummy in a shop window using your phone” lesson for clothes and descriptions. My teenager students loved that. I’ll definitely be trying the photo or video story idea. Happy Holidays!

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