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January 21, 2012 by k. liz

Here are a few things that I came across this week and wanted to share with you! Enjoy!

1. Classroom of the Week from smithmag.net: Read, think, maybe change your ways. (You’ll enjoy that sentence more if you read the article. 🙂

2. So, I’ve not mentioned this yet, because I may still be a bit in shock – but my husband is giving me an iPad for my birthday this year. So . . . I’ve been a little bit interested in all things iPad – and he has sent me several links. I must say that I’m a pretty big fan of this graphic – I will be looking into it as soon as mine arrives (tomorrow!!)

Many thanks to Kathy Schrok from Bloomin’ iPad for providing this!! It’s awesome!!

3. Doodle for Google Competition: Sadly, I am not in the States, but if I were, I would so be doing this with my students! What an awesome idea. If your a Stateside teacher, check out this competition and get your kids doodling!

4. What Apple’s Edu-Announcement Could Mean to You from Edutopia: My husband had sent me a link about Apple’s new iBooks announcement, but this article puts it even more into perspective. Check out some of the really exciting ramifications of this for teachers (especially English teachers! We can now customize our textbooks and do away with the unnecessary pages!!)

5. How Do You Keep Up With All of This? by Richard Byrne: This is a good instructional post on how to effectively use RSS feeds. I was super impressed by the video that went along with it as well! Not only was the video helpful for me, but I can see it being perfect for a classroom assignment someday! (Maybe not with kindergarten, though.) Thanks, Richard!


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