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January 24, 2012 by k. liz

I am on vacation right now, and so haven’t been actively thinking through ideas for the classroom. At 1:00 Friday I was off, and I went completely off!!

But, there is a realm of activities that I have been thinking through recently and probably you will see some more posts on these in the future, but just some basic ideas on how to allow students to take their natural interests and use them in the classroom.

I feel pretty strongly on getting students to enjoy learning English by having them choose classes or activities that correlate with what they want to do in the future or hobbies that they enjoy. Here are a few of my ideas on how to do this in the classroom.

Journalism/Media: Have students work to create pictures, gather photos, research and write stories as well as edit their own paper. Let there be an organizer in the group, and allow students to choose which role they want to play, but emphasize that each one is important and each one requires a command of English. (This will help with grammar, writing, and editing skills.)

Music: Have students work together to practice and produce a song either in front of a live audience or recorded. Have them create another verse to the song that fits with the overall theme and feel. (This will help with pronunciation as well as writing skills.)

Drama: Allow students to choose a piece and write their own dramatization of it. Make sure that there are people to fill all necessary roles such as director, editor, manager, etc. (This will help with pronunciation, writing, and grammar.)

Tourism: Have students work together to create travel brochures and pitch their tours to business people or potential tourists. (This will help with writing, grammar, and pronunciation.)

It is crucial that we make English something that students want and realize they need for what they want to do in life. If it is irrelevant than our job and our students time is being wasted. By using activities and past times that our students are interested in, we can help them make the most of the time they have with us!

And now I am back to enjoying vacation!!




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