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February 18, 2012 by k. liz

Hello. My name is kylie liz, and I am dangerously close to being addicted to Pinterest! Ha!! Just kidding, kind of. Anyways, I realized this week that there is so much out there regarding education and ESL, and I don’t want to just share randomly on the weekend, so I thought I would come up with more of an outline to stick to. So, let me know if there is another category I should share, but for now I think that I will try to share only one of each of the following each week: 1) blog, 2) news, 3) graphic, 4) link, 5) quote, and 6) question. Let me know in the comments if there is something else you’d be interested in having me share here.

1. Blog: Here’s a post from Dave Dodgson about the purpose, usefulness, and potential dangers of observations. A good reminder that observvations shouldn’t be a time of dread, but a chance for reflection and growth.

2. News: Here is a short article on how iPads are producing positive results in Kindergarten classrooms. As you may know, I teach kindergarten (this year) and I just received an iPad for my birthday, so I found this interesting.

3: Graphic:  This is an interesting graphic on how the reality of textbooks and media is going to change in the classroom:

The Digital Classroom
Via: Accredited Online Universities Guide

4: Link: I won’t be using this right now with my Kindergartners, but I really liked the look of this site that offers activities to accompany news articles from The Guardian. Check out this pre and post reading activity paper that corresponds with a story on restricting what parents can name their children in New Zealand. (I’m especially impressed with the clean layout . . . looks are a pretty big deal to me!)

5: Quote:

As teachers venture out into the far corners of the earth and teach English, one of our primary tenets should be the highest respect for the languages and cultures of our students. One of the most worthy causes we can espouse is the preservation of diversity among human beings. At every turn in our curricula, we must beware of imposing a foreign value system on our learners for the sake of bringing a common language to all. 

-Principles of Language Learning and Teaching by H. Douglas Brown (2007)

6: Question: I’ve been reading about the sociocultural factors of second language learning, and the question of Linguistic Determinism or the Whorfian Hypothesis came up. This is basically the question of a) does your language determine your worldview or b) does your worldview determine your language? Here are two statements regarding each. Let me know in the poll which one you agree with.

(a) “The background linguistic system (in other words, the grammar) of each language is not merely a reproducing instrument for voicing ideas but rather is itself the shaper of ideas, the program and guide for the invididual’s mental activity, for his analysis of impressions, for his synthesis of his mental stock in trade . . .” (Whorf, 1956 – in support of the Whorfian Hypothhesis/Linguistic Determinism)

(b) “The most valid conclusion to all such studies is that it appears possible to talk about anything in any language provided the speaker is willing to use some degree of cirumlocuation . . . Every natural langauge provides both a laanguage for talking about every other language, that is, a metalanguage, and an entirely adequate apparatus for making any kinds of observations that need to be made about the world.” (Wardhaugh, 19766 – in opposition to the Whorfian Hypothesis/Linguistic Determinism)


One thought on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Catherine says:

    Hello again – another interesting post. I didn’t know the Guardian did TEFL, so thank you for a new source of materials. (I also love the graphic, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it…)

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