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February 23, 2012 by k. liz

Okay . . . so, I have had this awful feeling for the last week (mainly in my Master’s classes) that I’ll get halfway through a ‘substantive post’ or a longer, more in-depth post on something, and then feel like nothing I’ve said is actually connected or making sense. So, in the event that that just happened with my post on conjunctions, I thought I’d post one more, lighter post with a couple of fun stories from this week.

1. Here’s to my husband spending about ten to fifteen minutes to try and tell me that Al Harrington played poorly in the Nuggets game last night, and the coaching staff was not thinking clearly and therefore, they lost. All in Turkish. 🙂 We are getting to the point of being able to have more fun with our language learning. And we were even circumlocuting in Turkish!  (That’s a new word, just fyi.)

2. Discipline success of the week:

Last Thursday: I noticed my boys calling a girl in the next class “vampir kiz” (vampire girl). I don’t know where it came from, but they were all doing it and screaming and hiding from the poor girl.

Last Friday: I sat my students down. We had a talk about whether or not saying vampir kiz was kind or mean. We decided it was mean. I asked if it made the girl happy or sad. They decided it probably made her sad, and mad. So, I declared a five minute penalty for anyone who called her vampir kiz.

Monday: I had a few perpetrators that were sentenced the five minute penalty.

Tuesday: We had to talk again about not calling the girl vampir kiz, with a few more offenders.

Wednesday morning: Within the first 10 minutes of being at school, I had a guilty boy. He had to sit next to me while I sharpened pencils for five minutes and tell me whether or not he was being kind or mean, making her happy or sad, etc. I asked him why he called her that, and he answered “Teacher, I no know her name!” So, I informed him of her name, and then asked him what it was every thirty seconds for the rest of his time on the chair.

Me: A, what’s her name?
A: Y.
Me: A, what’s her name?
A: Y.
Me: A, what’s her name?
A: Y.

After breakfast, we had to have another briefing with the whole class. A was able to share her name with everyone else. But, the real breakthrough came when Y had to come into our classroom later that afternoon for something. She walked in, rather tentative (probably fearing an onslaught of vampir kiz calling). Then, A looked over and said “Hello Y!”

I was so happy.

3. Finally, due to a request, I am including a few more pictures of our recent collage activity.



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