Tuesday Tricks: A Couple Simple Thoughts


March 13, 2012 by k. liz

So, I was trying to think of what to share today, and I had several ideas, but none of them very substantial, some of them very ‘kindergarten’ and so . . . I will share all three of them, and hopefully one of them will inspire you to something!! 

First of all, just because I think that they are ABSOLUTELY adorable . . . I give you these little owls. We have been studying recycling recently, so we have been making a lot of crafts out of waste materials. These are just toilet paper tubes, colored, the top pressed down (think of wrapping a present – you press down one side and then the other, and it makes the corners/ears pop up). Then, we added paper wings and beaks, and finally googly eyes!! We used these as puppets today, because you can fit three or four fingers inside and it was puppet day. So, those are just fun and easy. 

My second idea is one I found on pinterest from this blog. We use this when someone is in “five minutes” or our equivalent of time-out. All that goes in here is hot water, liguid glue, coloring (the blog suggests food coloring, but we used paint) and glitter. When students are in “five minutes” they can shake the bottle and watch the glitter settle. As you can see here, the owls are being disciplined. The only downside to this ‘mind jar’ is that at first, my students actually wanted to be in ‘five minutes’! 

My last tidbit for today is just a suggestion for any teachers who have one-on-one time with their students. A couple of times in the last few weeks I’ve been sitting with one or two students. I’ve used both pinterest and google images to look up something that I know is interesting to them. One time, I looked up pets on pinterest, and another time robots on google images. It gives me a basis for asking questions, and even if it isn’t high in speaking practice, it is good bonding and shows them that I care about the things that they like. So . . . if you find yourself in a one on one situation with a second language learner, try using pictures to create a connection – you might be surprised!! 


One thought on “Tuesday Tricks: A Couple Simple Thoughts

  1. Those owls are just gorgeous!!! How frustrating to have no small children to make them with (just you try it on a 14 year old ..) keep up the good work ; )

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