Weekend Wrap-Up


March 17, 2012 by k. liz

1. Blog: I have been exploring teaching learning strategies and Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development recently. This post from Imagination Soup shares some really good thoughts on working with kids and the concept of metacognition. I’m pretty sure I will need to explore this site a little more!!

2. News: At the PTA, Clashes Over Cupcakes and Culture – Last semester I studied issues such as race, religion, and class in the classroom. It is sad to see these issues really demonstrated in schools. Unfortunately, education is not an equalizing force in the American culture at the time. Do you have any suggestions for how to use education to bring cultures together in a positive, healthy way?

3: Graphic: hahaha. Love this! From Grammar.net – my favorites are “ironic” and “literally”.

4: Link: Have I shared this with you before? If not, you need to go and check out Khan Academy. This is a great site that shares all sorts of educational resources (mainly subject-specific videos) to help teachers outside of the classroom.

5: Quote: via Pinterest and this blog

6: Question: Do you consciously teach learning strategies to your students? If so, what is your favorite one and how do you teach it?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi there – another really good selection.

    I really like the picture & shall definitely be borrowing it.

    Do I teach learning strategies? Yes. I especially like mind maps. So much so that I have an article about them on my blog along with some resources (yes, I am cheeky)


    • k. liz says:

      Saw that one Catherine!!! It looks great. Another resource I am sticking in my pocket. I actually have used some mind mapping techniques with visuals only and that actually works pretty well too for the little guys!! But the graphic you shared was beautiful and I’ll be checking it out in the near future!!

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