Tuesday Tricks: Story Stones


March 20, 2012 by k. liz

I saw a post about this last Spring sometime, and I noted it in my mind because I knew I was going to be teaching Young Learner’s this year. So, at the end of last summer, I collected some stones that I thought would work well for this project, but I only just pulled them out this week to do anything with. (Sorry I don’t have the original post, but here is one that has way cooler stones than mine!!)

I haven’t actually tried this in the classroom yet, and I’m a little nervous to, because it feels like one of those projects that I would get so excited about and attached to, and then my kids wouldn’t actually like it, and it would flop. So, I will have to post later on my success or failure with this project. Nevertheless, I think that this project is adaptable and that it WILL WORK with the right class (which, you never know, could be mine!!) And, of course, I have to try it if I am suggesting it!!

All I’ve done is painted some simple images on stones. So far I have only gotten to a man, a woman, a sun, money, a car, and a crying child. My goal, though, is to create opposites or differences on the back of the stones. For example, I will draw a moon on the back of the sun, and a bicycle on the back of the car. That will force the students to make decisions about whatever story they are creating with the stones. Oh, yes, and the main activity, of course, is telling stories by manipulating these stones on a background (in my case, most likely the students will create their own backgrounds, or perhaps I will create one for them and then they can make more.) 

I know that there are other ways to implement these types of manipulatives in the classroom such as grouping, describing, using to brainstorm, etc. So . . . if you have any extra smooth stones laying around, why not paint them and give yourself a new visual/manipulative to use in the classroom? 

Have any of you every used anything like this? How did it work for you? Any suggestions before I take mine in to the little guys?


One thought on “Tuesday Tricks: Story Stones

  1. Catherine says:

    I think they’re lovely. I’ve seen similar things done with matchboxes – flowers that grow, or cars that turn into busses, etc. Something that the children can work on too. I’m sure that you’ll get lots of lovely stories out of them. Don’t forget to do clouds and monsters, of course… ; )

    Thinking back to a subject you were writing about a while back – could you have some adjective stones too – colours, and big and small and things..? (I might be getting ahead of myself. How big is your quarry?)

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