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March 31, 2012 by k. liz

I’m at an ELT Conference today!! Can I have a little happy cheer! This is only my 2nd, but I was enamored with my first, so I’m pretty excited!! I posted this ahead of time so I wouldn’t leave you all hanging again! (because I do know that you really all just sit there waiting to see what I’ve been finding on the internet for you, right? haha! please read sarcasm.)


1. Blog: Good blog post from The Daily Ptefldactyl. I’m a teacher, and I can concur with this post, and it gives  me things to think about should I ever look for a management position in the future.

2. News: From TIME Healthland, the percentage of Autistic children is rising. How accurate is this, and what does it mean for our schools? Are more behavioral issues being labeled, or has the rate really risen? Are we only seeing more because of better detection? Is this going to benefit or deter schools and children’s experience and success in school?

3: Graphic: Have actually been reading on this topic recently. Perhaps a post on it soon! I think I’m leaning a little towards the right . . . (from this blog)

4: Link: This is for those of you working with YLs out there. I know I have shared LearnEnglish Kids before, but here is another BBC site that has great activities, games, stories, and songs for YLs. It is in conjunction with the television channel in English (I’m pretty sure) and they have some really great series and things to explore!

5: Quote: haha. Just let me please. Because it’s fitting. And they’re my favorite!!

6: Question: What is your goal when you go in to teach a reading class?


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